Cancer experts to give advice

Cancer experts will be in the island next week to give advice.

Macmillan Cancer Support’s mobile service will be here on Tuesday (May 16) and Thursday (May 18). will be visiting the

Details of the visit:


Port Erin, Shoprite, Bridson Street

10am to 4pm


Ramsey, Shoprite (Station Road car park) Bowring Road

10am to 4pm


Douglas, Granville Street

9am to 3pm

The number of people developing melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, is continuing to rise, with around 110,330 people living with malignant melanoma in the UK, and 13,500 people diagnosed every year, (around 37 people every day).

It is the fifth most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK, and slightly more common in women than in men.

With all of the varying types combined, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK.

Lucy Rogers, a Macmillan information and support specialist on the unit, said: ’Skin cancer, if caught early, is very treatable and actually has one of the highest survival rates of all cancers. Being sun aware is key. Our advice is to avoid sun beds, wear a high SPF sun screen with a four-star rating or more so it will block out UVA as well as UVB rays, and cover up in the sun.’

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