Senator Hirono To Undergo Cancer Treatment

by Big Island Video News


(WASHINGTON D.C.) – Hirono says she will fight her kidney cancer with the same determination with which she “fought for the people of Hawaii. And I never quit, especially when things get tough.”


(BIVN) – Hawaii U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono announced plans to undergo treatment for kidney cancer in a media release issued Tuesday.

“During a routine pre-operative physical for my eye surgery, my doctor discovered an abnormality on my chest x-ray,” Hirono stated. “After a series of follow up tests, I have been diagnosed with kidney cancer that is also present in my seventh rib.”

“My treatment is being overseen by one of the preeminent kidney cancer specialists in the country at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital. He has designed a comprehensive treatment plan – including surgery to remove my right kidney and an innovative, non-invasive, outpatient procedure called Cyberknife to eradicate the lesion on my rib. At the conclusion of this treatment, there will be no identifiable disease left untreated. My doctor expects I will make a full recovery from these treatments,” Hirono added.

“I will continue working during my recovery, and look forward to returning to the Senate as soon as possible,” Hirono said.

“I face this fight with the same determination I’ve fought for the people of Hawaii. And I never quit, especially when things get tough,” Hirono said. “I appreciate your support and good wishes, and look forward to getting back to the Senate to continue fighting for Hawaii as soon as possible.”

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